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Friendship Cards

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Relationships are Forever

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The Initiative

Relationships are Forever created an educational tool where children can learn communication life skills while playing a game. Friendship Cards are an interactive tool which can be used with friends at school and families at home. Friendship Cards help in the development of emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills, which empower the individual to cultivate positive attitudes.

Impact to date

Friendship Cards has been translated into 16 different languages, and over 500 teachers, counsellors or social workers in several countries have been trained to use the cards. Thousands of children have benefitted from their use, as well as the other 4 sets of cards which have been created by Relationships Are Forever since then.

Julian & Joanna Sant Fournier
We will be forever grateful to the Malta Social Impact Awards team, for their support and funding to launch this project on a national scale where children can learn communication like skills while playing a game. MSIA provided us with the professional support necessary to develop a holistic sustainable plan to reach out and help hundreds of children across Malta.
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