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What is Changemakers?

Changemakers is a new TV show in which individuals and social purpose organisations could be awarded funding, mentoring and other support to develop an initiative that positively impacts Malta.

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Funding and Support


who are we looking for?

Are you making a positive impact in Malta, or do you have an innovative idea or an initiative that could create a positive change?

Changemakers is looking for:

  • Social Innovators
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Inspirational Persons
  • Social Initiatives
  • And any great concepts!





Live event

How does it work?

Anyone with an idea for an inspiring initiative that will have a positive impact can apply to participate in CHANGEMAKERS. Applicants will be chosen to audition in front of a panel of judges, which will be broadcast on national television over different programmes.

Those handpicked during auditions will go through a mentoring and project building phase with professionals to fine tune their initiative, with only six making it to the final round. Here, they will pitch their initiative on live TV, allowing the judges and all of Malta to vote for the winner.

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