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Natalie Muschamp
The Malta Social Impact Awards is a well-rounded, fully encompassing process that allows the project to develop with them instead of for them. This provided a motivating environment where ideas could be shared and then given a structure to actively implement it.
Step Up For Parkinson's, Past Winner
Olga Finkel
We believe in investing in initiatives that will have a lasting, positive impact on the local community and can bring transformational change to our society. By supporting platforms such as the Malta Social Impact Awards, we are glad we can contribute to making a difference for the community we are part of. Supporting changemakers and social entrepreneurs is not only a good deed, it’s an investment in the wellbeing of future generations and I hope we will inspire other businesses to join this initiative.
MSIA Judge
Julian Azzopardi
Every year it is inspiring to work with the people behind these initiatives that play such an important role in civil society, and at times are the only port of call for those benefitting from the services they offer.
Vistage Malta
Simon Arrigo
Having the opportunity to mentor projects having a high impact on our society is an achievement. Getting more people to contribute to such initiatives in an even greater achievement and a personal goal.
Vistage Malta
Alexandra Cachia
Grateful for all the support from the Malta Social Impact Awards. All the mentoring, financial and non-financial aid has been really beneficial to our organisation in many ways, allowing us to move ahead with more confidence and direction.
Thrive Malta, Past Winners
Kenneth Delia
The Malta Social Impact Awards has helped Hospice Malta through the sponsorship of one of its services – the after-hours on call service. The build-up and the support towards the formulation of the proposal, the focus on sustainability and the project’s social impact, together with the expert advice provided on analysing the service and marketing it, was instrumental in making this project a success.”
Hospice Malta, Past Winners
Claire Galea
We’re really excited that our project was chosen as the winner for the Malta Social Impact Awards and we’re now itching to kick off this initiative that will contribute very real benefits to individuals who are at risk of poverty, to Inspire Foundation’s service users with a disability, and also to the environment.”
Inspire Foundation, Past Winner
Claire Chircop
We would like to say a very big thank you to the Malta Social Impact Awards team, to the judges, to our mentor and to all those who supported 'the Wellness pod' in one way or another. A big thank you also goes to the audience who voted for our project. Thanks to the funds of the Wellness Pod, what started off as a very modest Foundation, is now a well-established one, providing a very essential service in a professional way.
The Wellness Pod, Past Winners
Julian & Joanna Sant Fournier
We will be forever grateful to the Malta Social Impact Awards team, for their support and funding to launch this project on a national scale where children can learn communication like skills while playing a game. MSIA provided us with the professional support necessary to develop a holistic sustainable plan to reach out and help hundreds of children across Malta.
Friendship Cards, Past Winners
Prof Alexiei Dingli
MSIA was instrumental to kickstart the FAIE project, since it makes initiatives with a social dimension come to life. This initial push eventually led to larger projects thus helping us have a wider impact on society in general. Apart from the financial help, of equal importance is the professional support and mentoring received from both the foundation and the participating partners… So the MSIA works like an accelerator for social innovations which helps bring social change to the masses in a fraction of the time.
FAIE, Past Winners
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