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YMCA Malta

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The Initiative

Through ANTIK, YMCA Malta wish to set up a sustainable online social enterprise “ANTIK '' that seeks to sell items received from donations. This enterprise would allow people to market their inactive clothes and other items to the populations living in Malta and would also be of benefit to the marginalised, economically challenged or impoverished people. ANTIK seeks to generate additional income for its mother organisation YMCA Malta to enhance the services provided to the homeless population and youth in Malta.


  • Donations
  • Equipment: such as laptops, dollies and shelves
  • Volunteering at fundraising and annual events or at the YMCA Vintage Shop
  • Volunteering to help with digital marketing, advertising, design, videos, editing etc.
  • Mentoring on Online Service Management
  • Influence Marketing

Contact YMCA Malta on to see how you can support ANTIK!

For more information, have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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