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FAIE — Fair Artificial Intelligence Educator

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Prof. Alexiei Dingli

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The Initiative

FAIE (Fair Artificial Intelligence Educator) is a web application which is accessible on any device, aimed at optimising the learning of students by giving them personalised education through a simple online interface, which is easily understandable by everyone.

Impact to date

The FAIE app has been developed with over 300 Learning Outcomes in line with the national syllabus for mathematics. In 2022, a pilot was launched with Year 4, 5 and 6 of state schools, which includes 50 educators and 1,000 students, with the plan to expand afterwards.

Prof Alexiei Dingli
MSIA was instrumental to kickstart the FAIE project, since it makes initiatives with a social dimension come to life. This initial push eventually led to larger projects thus helping us have a wider impact on society in general. Apart from the financial help, of equal importance is the professional support and mentoring received from both the foundation and the participating partners… So the MSIA works like an accelerator for social innovations which helps bring social change to the masses in a fraction of the time.
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