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Charity Shops for the Community

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Inspire Foundation

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Funds awarded




The Initiative

Inspire’s Charity Shop project aimed to professionally organise its retail operations and expand the Charity Shops around the island to provide a better-quality product for their main users on the poverty line, increase the level of recycling and upcycling, thus positively contributing to the environment, and create employment opportunities for persons with disability.

Impact to date

Since winning MSIA, Inspire Foundation have leased a large warehouse for sorting, storing, steaming and barcoding items; they have leased and refurbished a shop in Hamrun; and also refurbished their Marsaskala shop. All three are in full operation. Two more outlets will be leased and in operation by June 2022. In addition, a person with a disability was employed at their warehouse.

Claire Galea
We’re really excited that our project was chosen as the winner for the Malta Social Impact Awards and we’re now itching to kick off this initiative that will contribute very real benefits to individuals who are at risk of poverty, to Inspire Foundation’s service users with a disability, and also to the environment.”
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