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The 2022 final show

Sunday 30th of October saw the final programme of the first edition of Changemakers, in which the five judges, who were initially intending to award up to €100,000 to the winner/s of the programme, decided during deliberation to donate an additional €35,000 to be able to award funding to each and every finalist.

How was the funding distributed?

The funds were distributed as follows:

·        €50,000 to the main winner, Step Up For Parkinson's, for their initiative “Parkinson’s Centre”.

·        €25,000 to Embrace Diversity Organisation for their initiative “Physio Room”.

·        €25,000 to Fondazzjoni Sebħ for their initiative “After Care and Therapeutic Apartments”.

·        €25,000 to Zibel for their initiative “Sikka”.

·        €5,000 to RMJ Horse Rescue for their initiative “Development of Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre”.

·        €5,000 was also awarded to Step Up for Parkinson's through the People’s Choice Awards.

While each finalist has been awarded funding, they still need additional funding to be able to reach their full funding goals. The public can join in on the impact by donating to these inspiring causes through Zaar.