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Villa Chelsea Garden: Art Music Nature Café

Submitted by

Richmond Foundation

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The Initiative

A historical garden space where people can spend time in a serene environment, experience music, art and nature as means to safeguard their mental health, enhance recovery, and learn about mental health issues.  The space would serve as a tranquil venue for personal or small group activities that call for a mellow ambiance. The small cafeteria would provide sheltered employment for persons with mental health problems.

How can you support RICHMOND FOUNDATION?

  • Donations
  • Demands for free service have increased significantly as more people struggle with mental health issues.  Help us help. Therapy can go a long way in helping people to regain control of their lives, and finding their way forward. 

Contact Richmond Foundation on to see how you can support Villa Chelsea Garden: Art Music Nature Café!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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