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This is Co-op

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Koperattiva This is Co-op

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The Initiative

This is Co-op would like to offer employment which, although still somewhat sheltered, is inclusive, dignified and within a community setting. Eventually, these young people can take the plunge into the mainstream economy, if they are inclined and ready to do so. Moreover, they are ready to partner with secondary schools to provide work experience especially for students doing the ACHIEVE programme, and to provide a wider educational campaign regarding inclusion and ethical sourcing and the cooperative model.

How can you support This is Co-op?

Donating items/equipment for the production of artisan products, such as:

  • a die cut machine and die cuts;
  • laser cutting & engraving machine;
  • colour printer & scanner;
  • paper cutter; laminator & laminator pouches;
  • epoxy resin kit & candle making kits;
  • other craft equipment such as scissors, craft mats, glue guns, beads, paints, wood burning tools, coloured card for card making, foam and felt, envelopes, stickers

Donating items/equipment for tea/coffee catering experiences, such as:

  • an industrial boiler;
  • industrial stand mixer;
  • warmer;
  • cake & biscuit making equipment
  • any other kitchen equipment

Contact Koperattiva This is Co-op on or to see how you can support This is Co-op!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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