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There Are No Bad Dogs

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RAR - Real Animal Rights Foundation

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The Initiative

The main objective of There Are No Bad Dogs is to make every dog as adoptable as possible by ironing out any social and behavioural issues the dog may have.

Secondary objectives include:

  • Creating more space in existing sanctuaries
  • By freeing spaces in sanctuaries through increased adoptions, more pens will be available for dogs whose owners become permanently or temporarily incapacitated due to illness, injured dogs, abandoned dogs and abused dogs.
  • Educating children and the general public that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners
  • Pushing more adoptions (versus purchases) #adoptdontshop
  • Removing the stigma of certain breeds
  • Increasing the adoptions of big strong dogs who are usually the last to be considered
  • Making Malta a more animal conscious country
  • By filming short clips and airing them, the initiative we plan to expose its success with the general public which will encourage people to resort to training when necessary and to donate to RAR to keep the initiative ongoing, thus making it sustainable

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