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REHABILITATION: Creating a new lease of life

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Inspire Foundation

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The Initiative

Inspire’s Rehabilitation Centre will give a NEW LEASE OF LIFE to hundreds of people who are suffering from physical limitations and restricted mobility and who have nowhere else to go to support them in their recovery.

How can you support Inspire Foundation?

  • In-kind donations to their Charity Shops,
  • Organising events in aid of Inspire,
  • Join their monthly donation campaign - Friends of Inspire with donation plans starting from €3 a month,
  • Volunteering,
  • Getting married or throwing a party? Use souvenir money as a donation to a charity,
  • With Inspire, you could choose to give a donation to their Foundation instead of buying souvenirs and they will provide you with a bookmark for your guests as a memento of your altruistic act – click here for more information.

Contact Inspire on for more information or to see how you can support them!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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