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Physio Room

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Embrace Diversity Organisation

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The Initiative

Embrace Diversity Organisation provides holistic and therapeutic sessions to kids and youths with disabilities, where they practice life skills in group sessions. The organisation is run voluntarily by 4 parents who all have kids with disabilities. They also have a team of experienced tutors, therapists and carers, with their aim being to provide a second home to their members where they enhance their skills to their full potential. Unfortunately, most of the community has severe physical disabilities, with there being a lack of financial support and a need for there to be new and upgraded physiotherapy equipment.

Embrace Diversity Organisation wishes to create a state-of-the-art physio room giving kids and youths with physical disabilities the best opportunity to enhance their well-being, offering an array of services which would be innovative for Malta, this being the first centre of its kind locally.


  • Financial Donations
  • Volunteers to help in the physio room
  • Volunteers to join the teachers in the classrooms helping the kids to do the activities and preparing resources.
  • In-kind Donations (such as stationary, a punch clock, laptops, uniforms, interactive boards, and cleaning supplies)

Contact Embrace Diversity Organisation on to see how you can support their Physio Room!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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