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Jien Kapaci Wkoll

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Smiling with Jerome

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The Initiative

Play is talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning BUT, for children, Play IS serious learning.

In Malta and Gozo, according to the CRPD (Aug 2022),there are over 1170 school children with impairment in Primary and Secondary Schools.

During Break Time we often assume that all children go out in the school ground and play whether by running, jumping or walking. However, many children cannot play due to their limited movements and the absence of adapted specialised playground equipment.

With this Initiative ‘Jien Kapaċi Wkoll!’ our NGO will be buying equipment for these kids so that they could play and have fun like other children.

How can you support Smiling with Jerome?

  • Offering a van for transport to be used a few times a year to transport items
  • Financial Donations

Contact Smiling with Jerome on to see how you can support Smiling with Jerome!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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