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Hope Grove

Submitted by

Green Living

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The Initiative

With your help we can plant hope for a better future!

Hope Grove is an afforestation project that offers an escape from the overwhelming presence of concrete; an opportunity to disconnect from the demands of the modern technological life-style; and the perfect location for relaxation, and reconnecting with friends and family whilst being immersed in natural surroundings.

How can you support Hope Grove?

  • Attend their tree planting events or offer skills and ideas for the development of the site
  • Like their Facebook page and follow their progress!
  • Volunteer to help prepare the land
  • Offering machinery for making the larger holes necessary for planting mature trees and compacting the earth for natural pathways
  • Offering help when it comes to transportation for moving equipment and trees onto the site
  • Donations of equipment such as shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows, water tanks etc. (second-hand is great too!)

Contact Green Living on to see how you can support Hope Grove!

For more information have a look at their pitch deck below.

More info coming soon.
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