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Green Fingers Club

Submitted by

Nadia Cassar

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The Initiative

Green Fingers Club is a demonstration site that shows that even the most depleted land can be regenerated into a forest. Thanks to volunteering friends, they are turning white dust into soil, started a beyond organic vegetable garden, and planted 350 indigenous trees and counting, whilst helping to educate people with important life skills, make friends, gain confidence and combat loneliness, all through green meditation in the garden. Their dream is to spread nationwide starting from the harsh, arid landscape of Fomm ir-Rih, and spreading this Green Love all over the built up islands of Malta and beyond.


  • Adopt a Tree with your own Customized Name and Tree Adoption Certificate! (from 25euro to 250 euro)
  • Organize Team Building Activities at Green Fingers Club for Friends, Family and Office(a delicious lunch from the land can be included). Such Workshops and Activities can also be organized at your own School, Office, Home or Local Community!
  • Call Nadia for a Consultation Visit, to start growing Food on your land, garden, and even at Home in Small Spaces!
  • Buy their Premium Worm Castings Liquid Fertilizer, made naturally by our friendly worms, it will work wonders on your Trees, Veggies and House Plants!
  • Volunteer with them once a week or more, to learn for free and lend a hand. No experience needed! Young and Old, Everyone Welcome!
  • Follow their Facebook page to stay updated.

Contact Nadia Cassar on to see how you can support her Green Fingers Club!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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