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Development of Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre

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RMJ Horse Rescue

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The Initiative

Ensuring that all horses on this island are safeguarded even once they are no longer serving their original purpose.

The Development of the Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre involves upgrading the current facilities at RMJ Horse Rescue by replacing neglected and run-down structures with new stables. New stables would allow RMJ to take in more horses, provide adequate shelter for their horses, generate more funds needed to be able to sustain the horses, as well as collaborate with others and hence give back to society by offering their premises for a variety of activities.

How can you support RMJ Horse Rescue?

  • Volunteering to help with the horses as well as help with maintenance work
  • Donating construction material (example: concrete)

Contact RMJ Horse Rescue on to find out how you can support them!

For more information have a look at their pitch deck below.

More info coming soon.
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