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Aftercare and Therapeutic Apartments

Submitted by

Fondazzjoni Sebħ

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The Initiative

Supporting the growth and empowerment of women escaping violence and youth.

Adolescents leaving residential care and women and children escaping violence, leaving shelters, often lack solutions which allow them space to heal and stabilize. Fondazzjoni Sebħ hopes to renovate three existing apartments to provide semi-independent temporary accommodation for these children and families. This will create an opportunity where these residents can continue to receive individualised, professional support before transitioning fully to independent living. This will lower risks of vulnerability in the community, allow them time to pursue goals of employ mentor education and support the belief that every child deserves the right sta to adult life free from burden.

How can you support Fondazzjoni Sebħ?

  • Construction work, such as demolition and construction of walls, gypsum boarding, restoration etc,
  • Electrical work (removal of old and installation of new electrical works, lighting fittings & fixtures, CCTV system for entry points, internet connectivity etc),
  • Design work (furnishing, tiling & grouting, plastering & painting etc),
  • Monetary donations towards the project,
  • Sharing the cause amongst family, friends and colleagues to increase awareness,
  • Products & services as a donation, at a reduced price, by offering their services or volunteering hours for non-technical works (unless they have the required expertise).

Contact Fondazzjoni Sebħ on to see how you can support their Aftercare & Therapeutic Apartments!

For more information have a look at their Pitch Deck.

More info coming soon.
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